Want To Change The World with CBD Oil?

The Kannaway Opportunity 

Here is all the information you need to get started

Join the “Hemp Revolution”


We have a true gift here.  We have Award Winning High Level CBD Oil made from Hemp and Legal in all 50 States and we are looking for people on our Team that truly get CBD Oil and know that is the chance of a lifetime to be part of the Hemp Revolution.  

I am going to be completely transparent about the What, Who, Why and How to be part of our Kannaway CBD Oil Opportunity.

This is a very serious opportunity and we are going to assist many, many people in healing Mind, Body, Spirit and Financial Abundance.

1) What is CBD | Cannabidol Oil?

We are looking for Advocates that are personally well informed about CBD Oil and it’s benefits for this the perfect business you.  If you need more information on CBD Oil there is fantastic medical research if you Google CBD Oil or go to www.myCBDresearch.com or http://www.projectcbd.org/

Dr Sanjay Gupta - CNN Special “WEED” is a great wealth of information about the benefits of CBD Oil. Click the link to watch.

CNN Special “WEED”

2) Who is Kannaway?

World’s First CBD-Rich Hemp Products MLM!

We are the Network Marketing Arm of a Publicly Traded Company.  We have invested $70 Million on Research and Development over the past 6 years.  We Control the Seed supply of CBD Rich Hemp and we have 70,000 Acres under cultivation and increasing our growing power.  We have exclusive rights to NIH Patent #6630507 for the Therapeutic Uses of Cannabinoids.  We are the Leading Company in the field of CBD Research and Product Development.  We own a state of the art advanced Research and Development Lab lead by an award winning and respected PhD. We are Endorsed by 4AM Founders Ronald Klatz M.D. and Robert Goldman M.D. 

Kannaway is all about safe and legal Hemp Products… 
It’s all about unadulterated PURE HEALTH!

Not just a new company, but a NEW INDUSTRY, with NO competition anywhere in the world! 

3) The Kannaway Product Line.

Phase 1 Products

HempVAP - the first CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Vaporizer on the market Retail $90 Commission $45

Defined Beauty CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Salve Retail $50 Commission $25

Our Beauty Salve is endorsed by the Anti-Aging Society and contains active herbal ingredients, gentle rose hip seeds and CBD-rich hemp oil. This anti-aging exfoliator removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the surface of the skin. Our HempVap pen uses flavored CBD-rich hemp oil that vapes from a sleek custom designed vaporizer pen.

*Combo Pack of both the HempVAP and Beauty CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Salve Retail $125 Commission $62.50

Phase 2 Products
- 70+ Products in the pipeline
-  High-end, Anti-aging Skin care
-  CBD-Rich Hemp Tinctures
-  Personal Care Products
- High-Potency Professional’s Line

You do have the opportunity to purchase both before they are available to the public but are not required to Join the Kannaway business.  If you do purchase now you will have the joy of trying your Kannaway Salve and/or HempVap before it goes public and will have product to show others. 

There is no better way to succeed in relational network marketing then to actually use your product, love your product and just share it will others.  It’s that easy to be successful with Kannaway.

The other benefit of Purchasing now and referring one other purchasing person you sponsor is you will receive Founder Status, receive special prelaunch compensation only available to those that join and purchase now. 

Regardless if purchase or not after signing up you will instantly have marketing materials to share on social media for Kannaway approved promotion via Facebook, Twitter and Email that will link right to your account. 

Then receive a welcome email with all the information on the complete prelaunch and full compensation plan pdf. (lets just say on the easiest to understand level you will be paid 50% to start on your business volume when we go public)

 4) Why Join Now? 

Until April 1st, everyone goes into a compensated “Infinity Straight Line”.

Join NOW for best possible position with highest earning potential!

After April 1st, everyone who came in prior to that date will be placed into the extremely lucrative, Uni-level Hybrid Compensation Plan, where their sponsors choose to place them.

1st Commission checks sent on April 15th for those that join and purchase now.

If you do not purchase, no problem you will still be part of the Kannaway team, receive the comp. plan and full kannaway business information and be able to promote right away and be set up to earn commissions when we go public April 1st. 

5) So whats the risk?  Whats the catch?

1) The risk is you join and purchase and don’t share our product with anyone and you end up with an awesome CBD Oil Salve and a CBD filled HempVAP pen. 

2) You purchase and sponsor one other person that makes a purchase, you will have your CBD Oil Salve and/or HempVap and be placed in our prelaunch comp plan, have Founder Status and receive your 1st check sent on April 15th.

3) Say you join and don’t purchase, No Problem!!!! You will still promote and build your team and have the opportunity with everyone that joined on April 1st to be a full Independent business owner for a $15 dollar a month IBO investment.  That’s it.  $15 dollars a month.  Some catch huh?  Once you become an Kannaway IBO you will receive your commissions, websites, marketing materials and training. 

The problem with most MLM companies out there is they make you pay so much to join.  Kannaway has looked long at hard at the problems of MLM companies and how they make it so costly and hard to make money in.  The bottom line is $15 dollars a month and you are set as a business owner.  

With us just spread the word, show your product and make money being a CBD Oil Advocate.

So you get it? I hope that was transparent and joyful to find out about Us, our Products and the Kannaway Opportunity.  I hope you can see how big this is.  If you don’t join now, image a couple of months from now when a Kannaway Business Owner shows you a HempVap pen and wants you to try our CBD Beauty Salve and tells you how great this is and how they have improved there life and so many others?

Ok I get it! So How do I Join?

To Join the Hemp revolution

1) Simple go here:



www.Kannaway.com  (watch short video)

and enter your invite only code of 


2) Sign up.

3) Decide if you want the CBD Oil Beauty Salve and/or the HempVAP pen and get your Powerline of all the people joining after you and Founder status and be part of our prelaunch commission plan.


   Don’t purchase anything and a Kannaway member either way.

5) You will receive your marketing materials to promote instantly, your back office system to track your progress and then you will receive our Welcome email with all the information you need be part of the Green Rush.  

Welcome to the Kannaway Team.  May you be blessed with all the success you deserve!

Thank you,

Matthew Brown

Kannaway Team Leader

Internet Personality and Comedian
Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/swiftkaratechop
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/swiftkaratechop
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/mattbrown88

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